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“A Dog with a Mission” is a non-governmental organization that carries out a variety of social projects involving man’s best friends – dogs. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and that is exactly why there are no limits to what is possible– we develop concepts for projects, find the means to realize our sometimes crazy ideas, execute projects to the finest detail, and we manage to have fun while doing it. Dogs with a special mission in their life always play an important role in the projects. Some of the special life missions include being a service and assistance dog, search and rescue dog, herding and sled dog, guard and watchdog.

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Become a member – you will be able to pitch and realise your ideas, develop many different skills, acquire new knowledge and meet new people. We are now a team of seven people and we are always eager to welcome new members to our team. But most importantly – you you must be a dog lover. And if your values align with ours – even better!!

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Become a supporter – we highly appreciate everyone who is willing to support us either by donating funds or their time as a volunteer. We are very excited to work with socially responsible companies that are interested in supporting projects with added value.

Our Team

Suns ar misiju


Have a look at what we are currently doing and what we have already done. We encourage everyone to participate in our projects – whether you own a socially responsible company or you are just very passionate about growth and improvement, and giving back to society. We are open to new ideas and collaboration possibilities, and we appreciate every effort that adds value to our projects – be it donations, time, skills, or knowledge you invest. Let us know if you are interested in being a part of mutually beneficial projects that lead to positive changes in society.

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Liene Šternberga, Suns ar Misiju vadītāja
Savā pieredzē esmu ļoti daudz ne tikai redzējusi, bet arī saskārusies ar ļoti skarbu, reizēm pat neētisku komunikāciju organizāciju iekšienē un sapratusi, cik ļoti tas iespaido tās tēlu, tāpēc arī vēlējos izveidot kaut ko savu, kur visu varētu darīt citādi – cilvēciski un ...

Iepazīšanās ar “Suns ar misiju” darbību

Mēs, “Suns ar misiju”, esam biedrība, kas realizē dažādus projektus, kuros vienmēr būtiska loma ir mūsu četrkājainajiem draugiem – suņiem. Mēs sadarbojamies ar citām biedrībām, organizācijām un suņu mīļotājiem, lai kopīgi īstenotu savas trakās idejas un realizētu arvien lielākus projektus ..

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