A Dog with a mission — Card game

Status: Active. April 13th, 2021 – October 1st, 2021

Instead of asking for donations to cover the administration of the organization, we would like to develop a valuable product that educates and entertains, as well as helps us to fulfill our mission – to create projects with added value.

The uniqueness of the card game lies in the content of the cards. Both children and adults will have an opportunity to learn about 15 different dog professions described in the booklet attached to the cards. The cards will feature realistic portraits of dogs that perform some kind of an important function – police dogs looking for explosives, therapy dogs helping children with disabilities, guide dogs helping people move around safely and many others. Dog personalities will be selected not only from Latvia, but also from foreign organizations.

The aim

The aim of this card game is to draw attention to the fact that an animal is not a toy. With the help of the content in the cards, we would show how diverse dog professions can be and how meaningful human-animal relationships can be, with mutual understanding, discipline and trust.

The principle of the card game:

The deck will consist of 60 cards with 15 different sets and a possibility to play at least 5 different games. These card games will be based on already known game mechanisms, which can be played in pairs or in a company of up to 6 people.

Cost positions:

  • Gaming services (game content adaptation to game principles, development of the rules)
  • Text development and proofreading
  • The design and layout of the cards and the book
  • Photo sessions and image processing
  • Printing services
  • Packaging design and development
  • Project management and administrative expenses

Sponsorship benefits:

  • By supporting us with 5 – 15 EUR, the supporter will receive a virtual, sunny greeting by e-mail.
  • By supporting us with16 – 35 EUR, the supporter will be able to meet online with one of the owners of the dogs included in the cards. During the meeting you will be able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the dog’s profession and ask questions. During the project, 3 different online meetings will be organized, and the supporter will be able to participate in one of them.
  • By supporting us with any amount over 35 EUR, you will receive a set of the card game and will be able to try it out before others.

A total amount of 3435 EUR is required to develop the card game.

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